Learn to SPEAK SPANISH CONFIDENTLY with the fast and effective CALLAN METHOD!


Why is the Callan Method so SPECIAL? Here is the brochure in English: TEN REASONS TO USE THE CALLAN METHOD


  • Lively, active and dynamic
  • Everybody involved all the time
  • Constant listening and speaking practice
  • Immediate correction and help with mistakes
  • The vocabulary and grammar you really need


  • Understand fast speech with confidence
  • Speak fluently without translating


Stages 1 to 6 of Callan Español take you from absolute beginner to competent intermediate level, teaching you all the Spanish vocabulary and grammar you need to communicate freely.

Whether it’s for work, travel, exams or just for fun, you’ll soon be speaking Spanish with confidence with the fast and effective Callan Method! (

Inglés De Mar is pleased to announce a new course for learning Spanish. Using the same Callan Method, we will teach you to speak and listen in Spanish at speed. By repeating phrases and learning new words every day to expand your ability, you will gradually gain the instinct to communicate about day-to-day activites and ideas in Spanish. A native Spanish teacher offers short courses of 32 hours to help you with the basics. Each additional stage introduces ever more language and vocabulary to build your word power and fluency. It is a method for those who want to speak better Spanish than the Spanish generally speak your language!

Inglés de Mar is in the Urbanización de Roquetas de Mar. Avenida de Mediterráneo 14, in the shopping village Pasaje Andaluz. We are across from Gerardo Bar and Toscana restaurant. We are behind the Farmacia Internacional and the Gamba de Oro.


Sede Urb. Roquetas de Mar

Av. Mediteraneo
C.C. Pasaja Andaluz



Av. de la Innovacion, 15
Edificio Pitagoras - 2° Of. 48




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